Friday, 21 October 2011

Draw it like it is

Anthony emailed me these yesterday and I LOVED THEM so I had to share them! He draws all the time and has hundreds of treasures that no one ever gets to see! Luckily he shares them every so often with his friends.
Drawing by Anthony McAndrew
Him and Her by Anthony McAndrew
YeahYeahYeahs by Anthony McAndrew

Friday, 14 October 2011

A night to remember

My friend Fred had a spare ticket to a gig at Koko last night to see Gabby Young and other animals. I had not really heard of her before but I had a feeling she might put on a good show.
It was an amazing show and the atmosphere was electric. The energy and soaring vocals mixed with style all of her own, a world of make believe with 1920s style dancers, circus acrobatics, brass bands choirs, musicians. The music was beautiful but never boring and her voice was totally mesmerizing.

Gabby Young
Gabby had a change of dress half way through, The first dress below was sculpted, cocoon like, her look is vintage glamor mixed with an outer worldly creation. In the venture it self they had little cute stalls with vintage and remade creations on offer.
Gabby young at koko
Her second dress in the picture was by Inbar Spector it was stunning, in pale green sheer fabric with an origami like texture. She and her band were truely amazing, we danced and danced and when she finished we clapped until our hands hurt!
Gabby Young and other animals dress by Inbar Spector

The end of the show at Koko

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Fulham Palace and Art

We went all the way to Fulham Palace last Thursday night to see the Palace Art Fair where my friend Patrick O'Donnell was showing his beautiful pictures. His work is so good!

Holiday (0il and graphite on paper)By Patric O'Donnell

Remnants (0il and graphite on paper) By Patric O'Donnell 

It was quite a challenge to find Fulham Palace but once we were there it was magical. They had live music in the court yard and candles lighting up a free bar. The perfect atmosphere to enjoy art.

I Had a good look around the fair and found an interesting decorative artist called Hyo Soog Hwang
Her work was created from ceramic and inspired by roses and flowers the bowls could be taken apart as well as inserted into each other to create flower sculptures.

Ceramics by Hyo Soog Hwang

Ceramics by Hyo Soog Hwang