Wednesday, 28 September 2011

On my way to the studio

Luckily the sun was out this morning, Wednesday mornings mean Deptford market. Its always a chance to pick up something on my way to the studio to inspire and stimulate ideas. A place that clothes, frames, books, old cases, shoes, table clothes, things you never know you needed are waiting piled on tables to be searched through and found.
Deptford Market

box full of old postcards
We are so lucky to have the magical creation that is Deptford Project set up by the design company Raw Nerve. It is a haven for creativity. Everything is done inside and out with a great style and energy. The food is delicious. I particularly love their breakfasts! So after the market coffee from the Deptford Project!

Deptford Project Cafe
Inside the train carriage of Deptford Project

wall on the out side of Deptford Project
All through the summer they have been having film nights, using these chairs that were built on site by Jail -Make. Its a real sun trap, its a great place to take you sketch book!

Garden of Deptford Project

 Rebecca is the founder and has been heading a project to design a garden that shows off how much can be produced in a small space for food consumption. It has been done in a very elegant way. They won silver in Hampton Court Flower show. Rebecca is involving local schools to harvest and learn from the garden. 

An Urban Garden by Deptford Project

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fashion at Somerset house

Michael and I went to have a rummage at The Fashion Weekend in Somerset House on Friday evening. Its such a great setting and a very civilized way to pick up a bargain. It was fairly easy to navigate around, and it had a calm and relaxed feel. Somerset house was divided up into sections, their was a vintage section, which I discovered this gorgeous pop up stall shared by Katie from Shake up Make up and Falicity of Now,voyager .
Loved this set up!
Falicity from Now,Voyager
Katie from Shake up Make up
I liked the vintage area as it mixed vintage clothes, accessories, hair styling and new vintage inspired labels. There was a designer section where I found my wonderful friend lucy who runs Never Fully Dressed.
I also saw Amy in the jewellery section which was set up in a marque in the middle of the court yard. She has a beautiful shop on Cheshire Street called Comfort Station She designs a whole range of beautiful, quirky and very unique accessories. I liked the look and feel of The  Fashion weekend maybe we will look into being part of the next one.
I liked her style
love this dress!
Somerset House
we walked back to Charing cross station through the Victoria Embankment gardens,
Let are hot Indian Summer continue!

Monday, 19 September 2011

My Room

My room in our flat has become more important to me as its a place I can put objects and paintings and photographs that I have collected and have been given to me over the years. I get to enjoy them and let them inspire me.
Hair salon painting from Afghanistan given to me by Ella

 This painting is on a metal surface and was given to me by my cousin Ella she obtained it on one of her research trips to Afghanistan. Its for advertising a beauty salon. I love it! I have hung it next to a white ornate wardrobe that I have on loan from my brother Eli. He has moved to Paris for a few years, he has great taste and is always inspiring me. He brought me the teapot below for my birthday. It looks great on my shelf!

Teapot from Elias and Sebastian
Buttons from my wonderful Aunty Amanda
Last Christmas my aunty Amanda gave me her button box. I have always loved playing with these buttons and love that she kept them in colour co-ordinated sections. I have decided to make it into a table so I can keep them forever. Still need to do this!
Oil painting by Suzanne Redstone
This is on loan from my Mum who is an amazing artist, she did this in the 1960s but has continued to create beautiful work.
Oil Painting by Suzanne Redstone

sculpture by Suzanne Redstone

I am so lucky I have a creative mum!

present from Louie
This soap was given to me from my friend Louie, I have not opened it yet as the soap is shaped in red as a Dachshund and is to cute to use! Louie has a Dachshund called Billy, there is a picture below that Louie made of Billy. I have known Billy since he was a puppy, he made me fall for Dachshunds big time.
Beautiful Billy
Painting by Edd Bagenal
 Edd gave me this for my birthday, its painted on a small piece of hard board and its beautiful. Thanks Edd! I also got this card below from Anthony, I need to get this one framed, it always makes me smile.
Drawing by Anthony McAndrew
by Anthony McAndrew
Painting by Shaun Caton
Shaun is a pretty amazing artist, He is known world wide for his performance art but is very prolific in his sketch books and paintings. I love this painting, he let me choose which one I wanted as a thank you and it was so hard to choose, I loved them all! He is inspired by cave paintings and primitive art.

My room is still work in progress.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Fabulous Thames festival 2011

Thames festival 2011
Well, what a week end! there was music, and there was dancing, and there was fashion and an amazing carnival and lots and lots of food and to end, fireworks! What more could you want from a week end in London!
Ladies of the carnival

 The atmosphere was great, everyone was out to enjoy themselves and apart from a few dropped ice creams cones there were no sad faces in the crowds. Our By Jam stand was very busy and it was great to see some of our loyal customers (thank you for visiting us!) I did have a few moments to enjoy the festivities, I got to see the carnival as they were setting off.
carnival setting out

I also got to see the roof top garden on top of the South Bank, it was a peaceful treasure, I had not realized it was there. I have found out since it opened on the 4th of september and was created by homeless charities. Its pretty amazing, and a very relaxing spot for a coffee.
Roof top garden above South Bank center
Apart from being a little tired yesterday another good year for the Thames festival. It really feels like the city comes together for no other reason then to celebrate and enjoy the surrounding and all the offerings and creations this city holds.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sundays at Spitalfields

Spitalfields is one of my favourite London markets there is! I have been going there for years and then when we started By Jam we wanted to be part of it, so we opened a stall and sold our little creations. I have always been inspired by the people and the beautiful and stylish things they sell. Its a great fashion and vintage market. Emma looks after our stall on a Sunday. Here she is!

We have a great vintage sunglasses stall near us called klasik. Adam knows everything about every pair! The best coffee is from The English Restaurant  just outside on Brushfield street and just next to our stall you can get great vintage shoes for a fiver!
Whats there not to love!

Monday, 5 September 2011

A Happy Customer

We loved this look, she is called Eva Sedlmeier and is from Germany. She came to visit us at our stall at Greenwich market on Saturday wearing our striped Edi that she brought from our pop up shop at the vintage festival. She teamed it with high wasted jeans, peter pan collar white shirt and vintage shoulder bag. Eva is working as an au pair in london and we like her style!