Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Fabulous Thames festival 2011

Thames festival 2011
Well, what a week end! there was music, and there was dancing, and there was fashion and an amazing carnival and lots and lots of food and to end, fireworks! What more could you want from a week end in London!
Ladies of the carnival

 The atmosphere was great, everyone was out to enjoy themselves and apart from a few dropped ice creams cones there were no sad faces in the crowds. Our By Jam stand was very busy and it was great to see some of our loyal customers (thank you for visiting us!) I did have a few moments to enjoy the festivities, I got to see the carnival as they were setting off.
carnival setting out

I also got to see the roof top garden on top of the South Bank, it was a peaceful treasure, I had not realized it was there. I have found out since it opened on the 4th of september and was created by homeless charities. Its pretty amazing, and a very relaxing spot for a coffee.
Roof top garden above South Bank center
Apart from being a little tired yesterday another good year for the Thames festival. It really feels like the city comes together for no other reason then to celebrate and enjoy the surrounding and all the offerings and creations this city holds.

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